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Discover Your Talents

The first step in the journey of personal growth is to discover your talents. There are many books that talk about many ways to discover your talents. Let’s take a simple, pragmatic method: make a list. Take a blank sheet of paper and list ten talents you have. List ten more to get to twenty. Put down everything you have been trained, certified or licensed to do. Consider hobbies and chores. Include financial skills and habits you have developed through discipline. Don’t forget all your relational abilities. See if you can get to fifty. Think about your talents to restrain and restore yourself e.g. keep silent, rest, be still. Ponder your abstract skills such as creative and critical thinking. Try to list 100 talents. I did not get there; my list ended with 70 items. But the goal is to keep searching for gifts, old and new, hidden and seen.

Discovering your talents depends on remembering and noticing them. This requires paying attention to yourself. There is no need to prioritize your talents at all. It doesn’t matter how long it took you to acquire them nor how others value them. Later, we will sort them based on your passion and your calling.

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