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Hello, thank you for visiting. This website exists to help you discover, grow and live out of your sweet spot. You only have one life. You owe it to yourself and the world to live the best, greatest life you possibly can. When you live out of your sweet spot, you will be giving your best gifts to the world. And the world will be a lesser place without you. Ready? Let’s get started.

Personal growth is about steering the ship of your life with you as the captain. It is about figuring out your areas of giftedness (some dormant), passion (some forgotten), and call (the need of the world). It is about discovering your personal sweet spot where gift, passion, and call intersect. Most of us live on autopilot. If we are lucky, we had some input in setting the original course and live some part of our lives in the sweet spot.

When you invest in your personal growth, you intentionally identify the elements that make up your sweet spot and make it grow bigger! If your sweet spot is small today, you can grow it bigger next year, and the year after. Most of us overestimate what we can do in a year, but grossly underestimate who we can become in a decade.

Not everyone has a life coach. It is my hope that through this website and the newsletter, you can coach yourself. I hope you enjoy the articles on this site. If you find them helpful, please consider subscribing to the newsletter to receive updates.